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This site contains software tools that let you generate quality content for your websites, like the Blog Post Generator and articles on various aspects of blogging. Look around to see how these tools and information can be helpful to you.

Do you have problems with:

  • Creating a stream of content?
  • Writer’s block?
  • Not knowing what to write?

If so, then you are not alone. I’ve struggled with this myself, which led me to code some software that I hope you will find helpful. If you want to have an online journal that promotes your business, then you are going to need material to fill it. The problem is, people feel uneasy about writing. Usually, this is because they are unsure what to write and are often getting stuck on choosing the right word.


My name is William, and I created this software to help you create new stories faster. This generator is a writing tool to assist you in creating one of a kind articles. As you know, producing fresh material is essential for the lives of websites. However, even if you love to compose articles, it’s hard to keep a steady stream of subject matter going. Let’s face it, for most of us, writing is just plain hard!

What is the Blog Post Generator?

This is one of the article writer tools that the website offers. It is a combination of a unique content tool and article generator that suggests fill-in-the-blank ideas for the next sentence to write.

How to write a story fast!

  • Generate a headline
  • Select a post outline
  • Create the post body
  • Add quotes and tweak your words
Tools to Generate Content

What doesn’t work

After a while, many website owners try to find a way to speed up their article output. Many of them, myself included, who want to increase their output turn to:

I’ve learned from experience that none of these choices are better than expressing your own thoughts and words. Each of these other paths all has its disadvantages over producing your own fresh articles. That’s where this software comes in.

What the software does

This online web application helps you make new and unequaled articles by taking a few shortcuts. When you formulate your own articles, the advantage you have when you have total control over the words and the ideas are your own. This gives your reader new articles of your own style to feast upon.

More control than an article spinner

You’ll also have complete power over your keywords that you want to include in your work. Being able to assemble your writing on a per sentence basis will give you amazing influence over quality.

List of features

How It Works

This amazing article writer will help you with your headline, outline the post for you and suggest text for you to copy and paste to your blog post.

This generator is an article writer that helps to pull ideas from your mind and get them to your post. It is fast to use and will save you loads of time, but it isn’t instant. Quality takes time, but this tool will make the process much faster than writing from scratch.

It will do some of the work for you, especially if you are stuck, but you need to bring the thoughts, logic, and polish to the text. In other words, bring a bit of your personality and yourself into the piece.

Blog Post Generator
Blog Post Generator

Sentence templates

The best features of the writer are the sentence templates. By dealing with information at the sentence level gives us the advantage of keeping everything distinct and in your own style of composition. It works like this. When you are feeling at a loss of words, even if it is at the start of the post, simply generate random sentence templates until you feel inspired. Then simply fill in the blanks! After using it for a bit, words come almost automatically!

Because the meat of the sentences are coming from your mind, this will produce articles expressing your voice!

There are more than 1000 sentence templates currently and growing.

Word Libraries

Choose from a curated list of words, such as a list of power phrases. When you find what you are looking for, just click the word to copy it to the clipboard!

Grab subject matter like a list of oceans or British counties. Also, you may want to start your article with a quote from our library of over 50,000 quotable sayings.

article generator

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Some Key Benefits of the Generator

Dealing with Writer’s Block

In the past few years, we have seen interest in bloggers wanting to turn out more content than ever. Being blocked is not something that an author wants to experience because it gives the feeling of being stuck and burning time. It can be horribly frustrating.

As a busy person, I hate just sitting and staring at the blank page. It can be so frustrating and cause anxiety. With this tool as long as I’ve got the idea in my head somewhere, it can help pull it from my mind

Alternative to article rewriter software

Article rewriter websites will take the existing articles of an author and replace words and phrases with similar ones. There are several things wrong with this. First, it is not very readable to human eyes, and you’ll lose readers pretty quick. Second, it isn’t good for your search engine traffic.

The search giants have hundreds of very highly educated people working for them, and they make much better software than the article spinners. Their programs can detect duplicate phrases that have simply been replaced with synonyms.

On the other hand, they are coded to like (or at least not penalize) original material.

SEO is important for your website because it provides free traffic which will reduce your overhead. While you might be able to fix the article, every expert on search engines worth their salt, will tell you that starting from the beginning with the keywords in mind is much easier than trying to apply “duct tape solution” later.

Good for most subjects

No matter what your topic, this can help you out. It works best for the advice type of articles, such as travel, money, food, or fashion. Currently, subjects such as history or storytelling types are at what it helps least.

If you’ve tried creating quality content on your own and are struggling, think about trying this out.

The generator even help me to create this page! Try it free for 3 days and start writing unique articles!

Who is this for?

Anyone who has a blog that wants to make life simpler by cutting out some of the work, and get instant suggestions of what sentence to write next!